Cello Lessons, Charleston SC

Cello Lessons by Lonnie Root

Lonnie Root focuses on providing the Mount Pleasant and Charleston community with high level music instruction in cello providing private lessons, classes, and coaching for recitals that are held at East Cooper Music. Learn to perfect the beauty of this amazing classical instrument and how to use your skills and explore rock, bluegrass, jazz, and many other music styles!

Studying privately in a one-on-one lesson is the most beneficial way to master the technique and skills to become a confident cellist. Lonnie’s philosophy is to share his strong background in classical technique with each student so that they become proficient in the key essentials of the instrument and the standard classical repertoire. All of the necessary method books, etudes, and other music material taught is available at East Cooper Music for your convienience. Lonnie also believes that students should be encouraged to explore their own personal musical interests and will teach students to use their skills in various areas of music like pop, rock, bluegrass, and country.

Public and private school students of all ages who study privately to supplement their school orchestra and lesson classes are especially proven to advance quickly and find themselves excelling and flourishing. This is extremely important as these students will establish a strong sense of leadership in the school programs and enhance the overall experience

Beginners / Children
Younger students or adults who are just starting to play the cello will learn to become familiar with the instrument and its components. As they do this, the students will learn to read music and understand basic rhythmic patterns. Once these skills are acquired the student will transition into musical repertoire.

Middle School / High School / Advanced Students
These students will learn to refine their skills and be introduced to a finely tuned system of scales, etudes, and more advanced repertoire such as concertos, sonatas, and solo works like the popular Bach Cello Suites. They will also bring their school orchestra music and other repertoire into the lessons to be coached and guided towards excelling in their programs and establishing strong leadership. Students involved in auditioning for Youth Orchestras or All-State / Regional Orchestras will bring the provided audition music to their lessons and learn how to properly perfect, study, and understand these specific musical selections. These students will also be coached to master the audition process and improve their scales and sight-reading skills.

Learning the cello is fun, rewarding, and therapeutic at any age even if you have little to no previous experience. For those with no prior experience the beginning process will be similar to the previous description of the beginner / children section. Once the basic skills of cello playing are established, adults especially enjoy applying these skills to various musical genres of their choice. If you’re an adult who has significant prior experience playing the cello this is the perfect opportunity to dust off the old instrument and refine your skills!

As part of the music school at ECM, students will have the opportunity to perform in recitals, chamber groups and more. Masterclasses and other necessary supplements are available to refine your skills and proved a well-rounded music education . The schedule will be given to the students by their cello instructor.

*Educator approved cello outfits (cello, case, bow and other accessories) are available for rent at East Cooper Music.

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